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user expectation


By Jen Hennings


So being a bit of an (massive) Apple fan-girl, I was unbelievably excited when the new iPad Pro arrived in our office at the end of last week. There’s something about that simple white box and imagery that just calls to you and tells...

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A shopping experience ahead of the rest

By Jessica Murray


Shopping online can be daunting and frustrating, from un-useable checkout processes to boring visuals, most online shopping experiences are subpar. Personally, I now do 80% of my shopping online. I prefer it to in-store shopping because...

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What’s your sign? Designing for the experienced user.

By Janet Bewell


Have you ever faced this signage dilemma?  Amazing, isn’t it?  I know which way to turn for everyone else’s room but my own.* And yet, strangely, I have actually had this happen to be more than once.  Am I missing something?  Or am I...

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GO Train – An Experience Review

By Lisa Min


I’ve recently relocated outside of the Greater Toronto Area and find myself commuting into Toronto on the GO Train quite frequently. In the early days, when I was first learning how the whole system works, I made my fair share of...

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Stop “Improving” My Bathrooms

By Michelle Brown


If the goal of technology is to make our lives easier, then why am I trapped outside of a bathroom by a fancy electronic door lock, unable to enter the password even when I know what it is? The large black screen stares at me in...

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Making Things Un-Usable (For Some)

By Michelle Brown


At the hospital where Dr. Henri J. Breault worked in Windsor, Canada, a parent rushing in with a poisoned child was a daily occurrence. Medical teams would hurry to pump the child’s stomach before it was too late, but they didn’t always...

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The Perils of Choice (and how to avoid them)

By Michelle Brown


One Saturday in an upscale supermarket in California, shoppers were greeted with an extraordinary display of 24 types of jam to sample and buy. These exotic jams ranged from peach to kiwi and shoppers flocked to the display to sample...

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Violating User Expectations

By Michelle Brown


“Mom, I’m going to have to call you back. I need to call 911.” I announced suddenly in the middle of my phone call. In retrospect, this maybe wasn’t the best way to inform my mother that I had just seen a motorcycle accident, but after...

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