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Don’t let the old stop the new!

By Leo Poll


A little while ago Michelle wrote on this blog how bad usability nearly turned her to crime and I am sure she is not alone. However, good insight-driven UX can also prevent crime. Take music streaming. I don’t know whether you have...

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Innovation? Fast follow that Uber taxi instead!

By Leo Poll


It has finally happened. Uber made it to Cambridge. Some, like myself, were looking forward to this. Others like Cambridge’s taxi firms, cannot have been, but the arrival of Uber in Cambridge cannot have been a surprise to established...

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Grow Up!

By Shaun Illingworth


As someone on the front end of UX projects, I spend a lot of time talking with clients and prospects about their specific project.  I’ve grown into this role because I really do enjoy meeting new people, hearing about new technology and...

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The Internet of Things – Who Cares?

By Leo Poll


I have always found the term, the "Internet-of-Things" a bit of a misnomer. What does it actually mean? Are things going on the internet and if so why? What is the counterpart of this term? The "Internet-of-People"? Surely IoT is just...

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Interactive experience: The new TV paradigm

By Dominira Saul


For those of us that aren’t completely cynical about the Olympic movement, the Olympic games in Rio represented a celebration of the best athletes in the world.  I was particularly excited about these Olympics because I was honoured to...

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Journey Mapping My Commute to Work

By Amanda Billark


An Authentically Torontonian Example of Journey Mapping Last week, I participated in ‘Experience Mapping’, a course offered as part of Akendi’s UX Training and Certification program. The course covered the theory, principles and...

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3 Design Trends on the Rise in 2016

By Siobhan Kennedy


There are a few interesting design trends we’re keeping our eyes on this year. With spring fast approaching, this seems like a nice time to step back and examine the visual elements that are gaining popularity in the digital...

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Library Science and User Experience? Makes Sense?

By Cindy Beggs


I’m a librarian and I work in the user experience, (UX), field.  From time to time when I tell people that I’m a librarian and I work in UX I see raised eyebrows, heads that turn slightly to one side, brows that furrow.  Unfortunately...

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How to Engage Remote Work Teams

By Jessica Ringel


When I first joined Akendi, I had never experienced working with a remote team via Skype. I had used Skype to keep in touch with friends and family in other cities and countries, but never before for workplace meetings and...

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Using the Wickens’ Model When Designing

By Michelle Brown


Human cognition is an incredibly complex task that to this day is not completely understood. When designing a product or service, it’s difficult to keep in mind the complex processing that humans undergo as they encounter, not just...

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The UX of Star Wars

By Dominira Saul


In the lead-up to the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars the Force Awakens, I have been re-watching the existing Star Wars movies. Partly to acquaint my wife with them so that she can share in my enthusiasm, and partly to… why lie? I don’t...

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By Jen Hennings


So being a bit of an (massive) Apple fan-girl, I was unbelievably excited when the new iPad Pro arrived in our office at the end of last week. There’s something about that simple white box and imagery that just calls to you and tells...

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Why Philips Needs a CXO

By Leo Poll


A large part of my career was spent at Philips and as a Dutchman. I was, and still am, proud of this Global Dutch company. At one point it was the last large consumer electronics giant still standing outside of Asia. Great new...

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Getting Ready for Blockchain

By Dan Iaboni


If you remember the movie Flight Club, or watched the TV series Mr. Robot, a common theme is the destruction of the financial system by eliminating all the transaction data, physical and electronic.  Although extremely difficult, it is...

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