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Top 10 UX Blogs of 2017

By Amanda Billark


  To celebrate the new year we've rounded up our top 10 most read blogs of 2017:   The Art of Asking Questions: The quality of the information relies entirely on the quality of the questions we ask.  This article explains...

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UX Researchers are worth their weight in gold!

By Leo Poll


Does your company have an experience researcher? The answer is probably no but if you had one then she or he would be worth their weight in gold. Employing a good experience researcher will have massive effect on your future revenues...

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The Art of Asking Questions

By Hamilton Hernandez


Surveys, interviews, usability tests and other UX research methods are meant to elicit information to help us clearly understand a user/customer, their needs and their experience when using a service/product; to find the best...

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Collaboration is a team sport

By Yvonne Shek


If there is one topic that stands out in my mind in the last few months, it would be the topic of collaboration. We have been asked to help others collaborate and we ourselves also desire greater collaboration in our work. Why is...

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How to Create a Space for Design Thinkers, Part II

By Maya Levin


In my last blog post, I talked about creating an interior space through the lens of User Experience Design (UXD). This perspective introduced the concepts of budget, circulation, and communication that would affect Akendi Ottawa’s...

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The Inverted UX Funnel: Or The Cost/Benefit Of UX Work

By Tedde van Gelderen


Today I came back from a lunch where I talked with a potential client about their product. This was a first conversation so most of the time was spent discussing what their software and business was and what I could do to help improve...

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It’s True: Users Don’t Know What They Want

By Lisa Min


Users don’t know what they want; this is a fact of user research. Of course, it would be great to be able to ask users “How would you design this?” or “Where would you place this call to action?” or “What do you want to see in this...

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Journey Mapping My Commute to Work

By Amanda Billark


An Authentically Torontonian Example of Journey Mapping Last week, I participated in ‘Experience Mapping’, a course offered as part of Akendi’s UX Training and Certification program. The course covered the theory, principles and...

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The Power of Three

By Dan Iaboni


Is three the magic number? Culturally, and historically, the number three is very significant. In Christianity there is the Holy Trinity, and in Hinduism, there is the Trimurti. In Chinese, the word for three is considered lucky...

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Library Science and User Experience? Makes Sense?

By Cindy Beggs


I’m a librarian and I work in the user experience, (UX), field.  From time to time when I tell people that I’m a librarian and I work in UX I see raised eyebrows, heads that turn slightly to one side, brows that furrow.  Unfortunately...

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The Art of Getting Started

By Siobhan Kennedy


Diving into a new project takes a different trajectory for everyone but for this visual designer it often begins with a healthy dose of fear. It has taken time, experience, and the influence of supportive colleagues to become friends...

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Exploring the Design Principle of Hope

By Cindy Beggs


This is a time of year when I have extra and renewed hope.  It’s a very happy time for me and my family where we share a sense of hopefulness and cheer. I know we’re among the very fortunate to have this hope along with a holiday to...

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‘I feel as though I’m cheating…’

By Lisa Min


A client once said this to me after watching his very first focus group session.  The concept of getting answers to questions from real potential users was foreign to him.  This comment didn’t come as a surprise to me as many other...

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