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Jessica Murray
Jessica Murray

Akendi Alumnus

Pleasure Projects: a Designer’s inspiration

As an artist and designer you are naturally curious and not afraid to occasionally fail. Sometimes designers get into a problem solving system and use the same methods to work through designs.

If you stop exploring and trying new things, your creative flow will die and you’ll run in circles around the same ideas and methodologies.

Get away from the computer, and make something with your hands. You can bring the things you learn through exploratory projects into your design work.

As a kid I was always experimenting with different types of creativity. I made an army of teddy bears, wrote short stories, tried modern dance, and painted. My endless curiosity to learn and create has turned me into a creative professional.

Keeping a sketchbook, or creating things with your hands are the best ways to release ideas. Even if it feels trivial you are learning and trying new creative solutions while exploring your own capabilities.

The greatest creative thinkers are the ones who never stop learning and who are not afraid to put their ideas out into the world.

They rise above not because they are brilliant, but because they never stopped exploring – and in turn learning.

Every time you create something you learn and improve and visit a new perspective. This new perspective can assist you in keeping that creative flow alive and prevent you from getting stuck in repetitive cycles.

Jessica Murray
Jessica Murray

Akendi Alumnus

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