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Scott Plewes
Scott Plewes

Chief Strategy Officer

Is Romeo’s love for Juliet a 7 on the Likert scale?

There’s a reason Romeo compared his love for Juliet to the light from the Sun instead of using a quantitative measurement. Math isn’t the best tool for understanding or describing human attitudes and behaviours. With the advances of AI, the proliferation of data science, and QuantUX, there’s a trend toward trying to “math” everything. Instead, start thinking about how to integrate both Qualitative (more descriptive) and Quantitative (measurable) data.

Some opportunities:

  • Qualitative data is excellent for describing ‘what is’, understanding the user/customer/business context and causes associated with quantitative results.
  • Qualitative analysis can identify relevant variables, that can then often be quantized.
  • You can have an ongoing feedback loop to evolve qualitative and quantitative based UX deliverables, like a persona (which can have elements of both quantitative and qualitative analysis) or journey maps.
  • By their nature, some UX deliverables can’t be described exclusively by quantitative data, such as a user journey or customer persona, even if we include some mathematical concepts (for instance, a vector).

Scott Plewes
Scott Plewes

Chief Strategy Officer

Over the past twenty-five years, Scott has worked in the areas of business strategy, product design and development in the high tech sector with a specialization in experience design. He has extensive cross-sector expertise and experience working with clients in complex regulated industries such as aviation, telecom, health, and finance. His primary area of focus over the last several years has been in product and service strategy and the integration of multi-disciplinary teams and methods. Scott has a master's degree in Theoretical Physics from Queen's University.

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