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Siobhan Kennedy

Siobhan Kennedy

Senior Designer

Visual Design Resources: 5 Books We Recommend for Your Bookshelf

Grids & Guides: A Notebook for Visual Thinkers


“144 pages of blank graph paper, plus charts, infographics, tables, and other scientific resources for the curious mind”

With 8 different and enticing graph paper styles, this is our new go-to notebook for mapping out layouts, plans, storyboards and visual details.

Typography Sketchbooks


Typography Sketchbooks reveals the process of imagining and reimagining type and typographic designs.

Filled with playful, tactile, and unusual techniques & materials, this book takes you out of the box and into the minds of creators. It’s a great resource for gaining inspiration in concept exploration.

Palette No 2 – Multicolour – New Rainbow-Hued Graphics


“Vivid, expressive, full of energy and strength. Indulge yourself in the buoyancy of colour splashed over a remarkable spectrum of graphic projects.” – by Viction:ary

Need I say more?! Crack this book open on a rainy day.

The Map Design Toolbox


We bought this as a visual reference for icon design. There are hundreds of examples of beautiful flat design illustrations, many showing various takes on a single subject. They are truly something to behold. An added bonus is it comes with a DVD with 640 ready to go vector files of continents, countries, and cities as well as numerous additional handy assets.

Left, Right, Up, Down – New Directions in Signage and Wayfinding


This book is coming in handy right now as Akendi is sponsoring Ottawa’s Internet of Things Conference this fall and we are tasked with designing the signage and wayfinding for the event. This stunning book features experimental and compelling examples that shift your thinking away from conventional and towards the bold and unexpected.

Our resource library is growing, you can check it out at

Siobhan Kennedy

Siobhan Kennedy

Senior Designer

A graduate of OCAD University with a degree in Advertising Design, Siobhan brings over 14 years of design experience to her projects. A strong proponent of clean and contemporary design, Siobhan’s work creates tangible results with stunning aesthetic foresight. With a keen eye for detail and a deep awareness of project goals, she strives for targeted and effective communication in everything she does. Her long list of clients include Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Gallery 44, The Theatre Centre, 407 ETR, Environics, Workers Arts and Heritage Centre and Open Studio among others. Adding to her breadth of skills, Siobhan studied Film at Ryerson University for two years before starting her degree at OCAD U in Toronto, Ontario.


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