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Athena Herrmann

Athena Herrmann

Akendi Alumnus

IoT613 – It’s a wrap!

As you may have heard, on September 24th and 25th, Akendi presented the inaugural IoT613 conference in collaboration with CapCHI and Design 1st. The conference, held at MakerSpace North in Ottawa, was a huge success boasting sold out audiences for both days of the event. Akendi’s teams from Ottawa, Toronto and the UK were there giving talks, conducting workshops and meeting those who stopped by our booth.

For the last several months, we have been involved in everything IoT613. From creating the entire conference branding system, website, and signage, to the Akendi booth and lounge, clever t-shirts for our staff, presentation slide decks and workshop handouts. After all of our hard work, it was so nice to see everything come to life, experience it in action, and hear positive feedback from all of the conference goers.

In addition to our design efforts, Akendi contributed with both an interactive workshop led by Akendi Partner and Chief Experience Architect, Dominira Saul, as well as the opening keynote by Akendi UK President, Leo Poll, who kicked off the speaker series. Both segments were presented to sold out audiences and received glowing reviews by attendees and fellow speakers alike.

Our team members from Akendi Toronto, Ottawa and the UK enjoyed being on the conference floor, meeting and greeting people who stopped by the Akendi booth, and mingling with thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the IoT space. Collectively, we learned a wealth of information about the next wave of IoT devices and technologies, met new and interesting people and gathered a ton of inspiration. Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of this great event!


bannerIoT613 signage and wayfinding designed by the Akendi visual design team. Our friends at Design 1st in Ottawa constructed the wooden sandwich boards that helped guide people to the conference space.

dominiraAkendi Partner and Chief Experience Architect, Dominira Saul, leading the ‘Designing for IoT’ Workshop.

IOT participantsWorkshop participants learning about the importance of and how to create user personas

Leo PollAkendi UK President Leo Poll giving his keynote to a sold out crowd.

IOT Akendi BoothThe Akendi booth and lounge where attendees gathered to chat, relax, recharge their devices, and sip on some delicious cold-pressed juice!

Athena Herrmann

Athena Herrmann

Akendi Alumnus


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