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Tedde van Gelderen
Tedde van Gelderen

Founder & President

Hi, my name is Matt

In today’s world of ever-changing technology where the “latest and greatest” is constantly being advertised as being the next best thing, why is it that the personal touch is often what makes us remember a brand?

On a recent business trip I found myself in a situation where I had to book a last minute rental car. Faced with a barrage of companies promising similar services, I walked up to one counter expecting the usual treatment.

Before I could even utter a word, the person across the counter smiled, held out his hand - and said “Hi - my name is Matt!” No hurried or annoyed glances…just a simple introduction before any attempts were made to establish a business connection.

What could have been a rather dry and predictable process turned into an enjoyable and seamless experience that defined the rest of the transaction. I was given a paper and bottle of water, and was led through a rather lengthy forms process. Matt then took me outside to inspect the car and give it a brief technical analysis. Faced with the uneasy prospect of booking rental cars I had encountered on previous trips, what I experienced that day was flawless. It would redefine the way I would look at the whole rental car experience.

What made this company stand out from the competition was its attention to my needs as a customer, and recognition as to my worth as a human being. From the very beginning of the process, I felt that my needs at a human level were recognized and I didn’t feel typecast as yet another annoying customer. I was invited into a relationship of sorts from the very beginning of the transaction. Personal interaction wasn’t an afterthought, it was designed right into the customer experience.

The company had done its homework, as it took the time to determine my wants and needs as a prospective rental purchaser. It managed to engineer the entire experience from end to end into something I would definitely choose to repeat again.

To win in today’s hyper competitive business environment, companies that take the time to research, design, strategize and test their products and services to engineer memorable customer experiences will firmly position themselves in the hearts and minds of consumers.

In spite of noble (and expensive) attempts to gain consumer attention, it’s often the personal touch that is able to cut through the clutter as more and more companies start to incorporate qualitative research into the design of successful customer experiences.

Tedde van Gelderen
Tedde van Gelderen

Founder & President

Continually looking for ways to improve the experiences of others, Tedde has dedicated his professional life to experience design, research and strategy. He derives energy, motivation, and purpose from improving the experiences of others and believes that every organization — and every industry — can benefit from Experience Thinking.

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