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Information architecture

Always Be Testing

By Seneca Brandi


I recently watched the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (I know, I’m about 20 years late) and although it’s an old movie, the famous message conveyed “Always Be Closing” still holds true. In the field of web design, there’s a similar mantra...

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By Patrick Noonan


The first time in your career that you notice things have changed since you started is a pretty exciting milestone.  In a young industry like UX, this doesn’t take long.  The biggest changes I have noticed have been in the mobile...

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Stellar IA: the required inputs

By Cindy Beggs


If the output is to be a stellar information architecture, what are the inputs we need? Card sorting is a technique to gain insights and understanding into how users would organize the content we provide in our digital products, and...

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The Art and Science of Information Architecture

By Cindy Beggs


In the context of a discussion around information architecture, (IA), definitions are fairly plentiful and even synonymous terms exist, like information design, that, depending on the context, may not mean IA in the strict sense at...

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