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product innovation

Strategy – Can a product have a vision and mission?

By Cindy Beggs


If you look around at product design processes, you find out that there are almost as many as there are products.  While some differ simply in terms of the order of the activities or stages in the product design process, others hardly...

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Innovations for Niche User Needs

By Leo Poll


Tech is cool. And engineers just keep inventing cool tech, often without really considering what their inventions are really going to be used for. This is great news for user groups with ‘niche’ needs especially if there are multiple...

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Product Innovation: Focus on needs, shop for the tech

By Leo Poll


Does true product innovation require agility? Validating many concepts quickly and cheaply? Most companies will answer both questions with a big YES. “Our customers change their minds all the time because they do not know what they...

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