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Virtual - Nov/Dec 2020

Equip yourself with a background in the UX design concepts that lead to superior products and more meaningful user experiences. We deliver our UX training and certifications live online and in-person.

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Akendi User Experience Certifications - live online

Akendi offers in-depth User Experience certification programs that will help to recognize your user experience research & design expertise in your organization. We offer two types of UX certification:

The online exam for the certification courses above can be taken on 4 Dec.

UX Certification can be done as an intensive program and completed in a week or a few courses at a time over as long as two years. UX Certification requires the passing of a final exam. The cost of the online exam is included in the certification fee.

Individual User Experience Training Courses - live online

Individual courses can be taken on specific skills or as part of a UX certification. The following user experience training courses have yet to take place in this period. Click on the course name to find out more:

CXD Certification Exam - 3 hrs. online
4 Dec all certifications.


Tedde van Gelderen

Tedde van Gelderen, MA


Tedde infuses Akendi’s UX Training courses with his strong belief that customer and user experience design must go beyond a singular product interface, service, or content. Drawing on his deep experience in research, usability testing, and experience design, Tedde delivers training that is both practical and supported by a solid foundation in theory and empirical research.

Tara O'Doherty

Tara O'Doherty

Chief Experience Officer

Tara has been leading experience strategy, research, and design for Tier 1 organizations like IDEO, Frog Design, and Cossette for over 17 years. Her mission remains focused on using the latest CX/UX strategies and innovations to deliver outstanding high-reward experiences that 'wow' even the most discerning citizen, while bringing in returns of 30% - 400% for her clients. Her most recent digital transformation efforts for SickKids Hospital enabled the hospital to raise over $700 million in less than five months and gained international recognition of several Gold Lions at Cannes. Tara is consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 Strategic Digital Strategists in Canada by Strategy Magazine.

Daniel Iaboni

Daniel Iaboni, PhD

Principal Experience Architect

Dan is a student of history who brings a unique combination of engineering, computer science, psychology, and anthropology knowledge to each course he teaches. Delivering training on Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Experience Mapping, Service Design, and Usability Testing in an accessible, friendly fashion, Dan makes even the most technical subjects interesting.

Leo Poll

Leo Poll, PhD

President Akendi UK

Technically everything is possible, making it work for people is where the real challenges are. Addressing these challenges from an end-user perspective in a way that makes business sense is what has driven Leo throughout his career.

With more than 15 years of experience he is able to bring an ability of strong lateral thinking combined with very broad domain knowledge of applications/markets and technical enablers.

Is this training right for me?

We assume little awareness of the user experience & usability field. Our courses are appropriate for anyone working in the creation of digital products and want to learn about the process, tools and techniques to create successful user experiences. The courses are not focussed on how to use specific software applications like Photoshop or Axure.

Akendi ux training virtual remote online toronto


This is a virtual remote training.
Delivered online live by the Akendi team.

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time.

Ask us for details:

Cancellation Policy

Things don't always work out! After you register, if something changes and you have to cancel:

- 30 business days prior to the start date the fee is totally refundable minus a 5% administration fee.

- 20 business days prior to the start date is 50% refundable, plus a 5% administration fee.

- 10 business days before training start day, no refund. Acceptance of transfer of dates is at Akendi's discretion and may incur a nominal fee.

Also, we require a minimum of four participants for a course to go ahead.

In the unlikely event that we do not attain the minimum class size, we retain the right to cancel the course. If this happens, we will inform participants at least five business days before the course date and either issue a full refund or re-book your course to a later date, if preferred.


> Registration

Is this training right for me? We assume little awareness of the user experience field. The courses are appropriate for anyone working in the creation of digital products and want to learn about the process, tools and techniques to create successful user experiences. The courses are not focussed on how to use specific software applications like Photoshop or Axure.
You say you offer virtual remote training, what does that mean? Training sessions indicated as 'virtual' are taught live online by Akendi experts with our instructors leading and interacting with you remotely via video, interactive practicums, and real-time collaboration software. What you'd need is a computer setup with high speed internet, microphone, speakers and the latest browser like Chrome. Ideally a webcam as well.
Do I have to take all the courses in one week? OR can I spread them out? Courses can be taken one at a time over a two-year period. However, by registering for the full week you can pay for the certification, which works out to less than the individual courses when added up.
What are the prerequisites? There are no specific prerequisites for the courses.
If English is not my native language, do you require a TOEFL, IELTS or GRE score to attend? Though English language test scores are not required for any of our courses, the course content revolves around abstract concepts and requires a firm grasp of the English language. We recommend a fairly high English language proficiency to ensure that all concepts and exercises are followed and understood (approximately TOEFL 80-90 score, IELTS 5.0 - 6.0 points, TOEIC 785-944 points).
Is there a cut-off date to register? Registration will stay open until the start of training or a maximum number of students have been reached (24).
When do you post your training schedule? We try to post at least six months out. When we have a new schedule we will post it on the website. If you would like to be notified of upcoming courses, please register to be notified via email (see the side column for sign-up).

> Payment

Do you offer any discounts? A group discount of 10% is available when three people from the same organisation register for the same courses at the same time. If more than six people are attending from your organisation, please contact training@akendi.com to discuss custom training options
How can I pay? Courses and Certification programs can be paid through creditcard. If requested, we will issue an invoice statement in addition to the pdf confirmation that is sent out as part of the credit card payment.
Is there a discount if I have to travel to attend? (Fly in) Unfortunately, no discount is given for those who travel to take the training.
Do you accept personal cheques? Currently, Akendi doesn't accept personal cheques. You can pay through credit card or invoice, to be completed prior to start of training session.
Can I pay over the phone? Yes we can accept payments over the phone in exceptional circumstances and only by prior arrangement. However, wherever possible please use the online form for both registration and payment.
How can I have an invoice sent to me so I can submit it for payment? To request an invoice, please contact training@akendi.com.
Are there additional expenses aside from the course fees? The cost of the course includes training materials and lunch. However, travel, other meals, and accommodation are not included in course fees if these are required.

> Certification Exam

Is Akendi certification recognized world wide? Akendi UX training and certification is quickly becoming a recognized postgraduate certification for UX practitioners. We work hard to ensure our materials are current and our instructors are qualified to lead training in UX.
When will I see exam results? Each certification requires a passing grade of 70% on the final exam. Results will be calculated and sent approximately two weeks after the exam date.
What if I fail the exam? If you fail the certification exam, you can retake the exam with the next session. At this point the exams must be proctored by an Akendi representative and must be done in person. We do not currently offer remote or online exams.
The online registration form bundles all nine courses with the exam together. Is there any way I can register for the exam separately? If you have completed the required courses, and when you are ready to write the exam, please contact us to indicate which exam session you would prefer to write with. There is no online registration required as we will verify your attendance at each course before adding you to the exam session.
Can I write the certification exam without taking all the courses listed? No. All the required courses must be taken within a two-year time frame in order to write the certification exam.
What is the difference between CXD and CXR? Akendi offers two types of certification training: CXD (Certified User Experience Designer), CXR (Certified User Experience Researcher). The Research and Design certification can be done in a weeklong intensive training. To complete both certifications qualifies you as a Certified User Experience Specialist.

> Travel

I'm travelling to attend the course and can't stay to write the exam. Do you offer the exam on-line or remotely? Exams must be written on-site and are proctored by an Akendi staff member. We suggest contacting us at training@akendi.com to discuss alternative arrangements before you register.
Is Akendi coming to my city? Akendi regularly travels to deliver certification training. If you are interested in having your city host a session, and would like to be notified when that happens, please contact us at training@akendi.com.
Where and when is the next course? The time and location of the next courses are posted in the training section of the Akendi website. Please let us know if you'd like a training course in your location and we will take this into consideration.
Do you provide discounts on accommodation if I have to travel for the training? No, Akendi does not currently have any relationships that can offer a discount on accommodation in all the cities we provide training.
Do you accept international students? Students have traveled from outside of Canada and UK to attend our training programs. Akendi UK Ltd is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. Participants from outside the EU can apply for a student VISA to attend our courses. Please contact training@akendi.co.uk to learn more.

> What to bring?

Do I need a laptop? A laptop is recommended but not mandatory for the Information Architecture, Usability Testing and Interaction Design courses.
Can I add course outcomes to my portfolio? Though group work and hands on work is performed in the programs, the exercises are designed to develop skills and performance in UX, not to build a portfolio. Most courses are a blend of theory and practicum.
Do I have to complete the courses within a certain timeframe? Most participants complete the certification within a one-week intensive program, however, if you are completing certification through individual courses you have two years to complete. If more time is required, you may request an extension by emailing training@akendi.com.

> What is the Training like?

How big are the classes? Class sizes vary from 5 to 24 participants. We limit the maximum number of participants to ensure enough opportunity for questions and discussions during the training sessions.
How do I know if the Akendi training programs will benefit me? We recommend that you read through the course descriptions before registering to get a sense of the course content and outcomes. As we are not career counsellors we are not able to provide much guidance on your personal benefit.
Have previous Akendi certification alum been UX/UI designers looking for skill upgrades? Or for prospective career development as well? We have found that both groups have been present in our training.
Is there any information on whether the training has helped find new employment in the field? Though we have received positive feedback on the impact that attendees have had in their respective jobs, we do not document nor actively collect long-term results.
Are the training materials available online or in PDF? At this time we do not provide training materials in PDF or online.
What type of materials do you use in the course? Each participant receives a handout and additional resources to be used during exercises. Participants of the certification track also receive a large poster of the Akendi Experience Thinking process.
What does a typical training day look like? We start at 9.00 with introductions of everyone with an actual start of 9.15. There is a mid morning break around 10.30, lunch is at 12.00 to 13.00 with in the afternoon a break at 14.30. Each day ends between 16.30 and 17.00 depending on the conversation and any questions.

> Custom Training Courses

Do you offer custom training and workshops? Yes, we offer custom UX training or targeted workshops. We've done workshops for design teams up to C-level audiences. A minimum group size of five is recommended. Please contact training@akendi.com to discuss the options.

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What past attendees have said

“Teaches how information structure influences UX in product design.”

Information Architecture

Practitioners in UX Design, Research & Testing
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UX Certifications

User experience Designer™ (CXD™) Certification

User experience Researcher™ (CXR™) Certification

UX Training Courses

Intro to UX Design
& Experience Thinking
User Experience Research
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Visual Design for UX
Experience Mapping
Service Design*
(can be part of CXD, ask us!)
Usability Testing
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UX Certifications

User Experience Designer™ (CXD™) Certification

This is our design program. Courses cover experience design to give the UX designer a deep and comprehensive understanding of a UX design process and the knowledge to apply it.

This course includes 5 full days of training and a 3-hour certification exam.

User experience Researcher™ (CXR™) Certification

This is our research program. Courses cover research and testing to give the UX researcher a deep and comprehensive understanding of a UX research process and the knowledge to apply it.

This course includes 5 full days of training and a 3-hour certification exams.

UX Training Courses

Introduction to User Experience Design
& Experience Thinking
User Experience Research
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Visual Design for UX
Experience Mapping
Service Design* (can be part of CXD, ask us!)
Usability Testing (2-days)
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  • 5

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Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.