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What is Page Type?

Page types in UX refer to the different types or categories of pages within a digital product or website. These page types serve specific purposes and contain unique content or functionality to fulfill the user's needs or support specific user tasks.

Why is Page Type important?

By understanding and designing different page types, UX designers can create a coherent and effective user experience, ensuring that each page fulfills its intended purpose and supports users in accomplishing their goals.

How to use Page Type?

Common page types in UX include:

Home Page: The main entry point of a website or application, providing an overview of its content, features, and navigation options.

Landing Page: A page designed to capture user attention and encourage a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, or making a purchase.

Product or Service Page: Pages dedicated to showcasing and providing information about a specific product or service. They often include details, images, specifications, and pricing.

Category or Listing Page: Pages that display a collection of related items, products, or content organized under specific categories or filters.

Search Results Page: The page that presents search results to users based on their query, often displaying a list of relevant items or content.

Content or Article Page: Pages that primarily focus on delivering informative or engaging content, such as blog posts, articles, news updates, or educational material.

Contact or Support Page: Pages dedicated to facilitating user contact with the organization or providing support options, such as contact forms, customer service information, or knowledge base articles.

Account or Profile Page: Pages where users can manage their personal information, preferences, settings, and account-related activities.

Checkout or Payment Page: Pages involved in the process of purchasing products or services, including shopping cart, payment, and order confirmation pages.

Error or Confirmation Page: Pages that display error messages, notifications, or confirmations to users regarding their actions or system responses.

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