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Kano Model

What is Kano Model?

The Kano model is a customer satisfaction model developed by Professor Noriaki Kano that categorizes customer preferences into five categories: Basic, Performance, Excitement, Indifferent, and Reverse. It helps businesses understand and prioritize features or attributes of a product or service based on their impact on customer satisfaction and delight.

The five categories in the Kano model are:

Basic/Expected: These are fundamental features that customers expect as a minimum requirement. Their absence or poor implementation leads to dissatisfaction, but their presence does not necessarily result in increased satisfaction.

Performance: These are features that directly impact customer satisfaction and their level of performance. The better the performance, the higher the customer satisfaction. Customers' preferences are typically linear regarding these attributes.

Excitement/Attractive: These are unexpected or innovative features that can delight customers and exceed their expectations. These features can differentiate a product or service from competitors and create a positive emotional response.

Indifferent: These are attributes that neither significantly impact satisfaction nor result in dissatisfaction. Customers are generally indifferent towards these features.

Reverse: These are features that, when present, actually decrease customer satisfaction. These attributes may vary among customers, and their absence can lead to increased satisfaction.

Why is Kano Model important?

The Kano model helps product designers and marketers make informed decisions about feature prioritization, development, and resource allocation. By understanding customer preferences and expectations within each category, businesses can focus on delivering the right mix of basic, performance, and excitement attributes to meet customer needs and create a competitive advantage.

How to use Kano Model?

Applying the Kano model involves conducting customer research, gathering feedback, and categorizing features into the appropriate categories. This information can guide product development, marketing strategies, and customer experience improvements, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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