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Design Principles

What is Design Principles?

- Prevent users from making mistakes by anticipating potential pitfalls and designing for them

Design principles are fundamental guidelines or rules that inform and shape the decision-making process in design. They provide a framework that to guide designers in creating effective, cohesive, and user-centred solutions across various disciplines, including graphic design, product design, and user experience (UX) design.

Design principles encompass a wide range of concepts and considerations, such as simplicity, consistency, hierarchy, balance, clarity, and usability. They serve as a set of best practices, derived from research, experience, and industry standards, to achieve specific design goals and outcomes.

Why is Design Principles important?

By adhering to design principles, designers can prevent user error by anticipating potential pitfalls and designing to avoid them. These principles help establish a cohesive and intuitive user experience, ensure visual harmony and coherence, improve usability, and communicate effectively with the target audience.

How to use Design Principles?

Design principles are flexible and can vary depending on the context and specific design goals. They provide a common language and framework for designers to communicate and can be applied throughout the design process to inform decision-making and shape the outcome. They guide goal setting, inspire ideation, inform concept development, guide the selection of visual elements, ensure usability, and create a cohesive and user-centred design that communicates effectively with the target audience.

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