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Annual Report Design

Connect your stakeholders, shareholders, and the public to your brand.

Annual reports have come a long way from the days of dry reporting on numbers, wins, and losses. Today, your annual report is an opportunity to connect captive audiences with your brand, core values, vision, mission, and values.

Akendi annual report designers

Experiences defined

  • Leverage the opportunity to reach our key audiences
  • Engage investors and stakeholders in our vision
  • Deliver financial & business content in an engaging, meaningful, and memorable way

How we do it Timing: 2 - 4 weeks

  • Through a workshop with your team, develop the message and content that best captures your story for the year.
  • Develop visual concepts that convey your message in an effective way.
  • Create page layouts that integrate lively visual presentation of text, data, numbers and other imagery.
  • Our annual report designers work with you through final production of the report.
Akendi annual report designers Akendi annual report designers Akendi annual report designers

What you get

Your stakeholders will be fully involved in the design process. When we design annual reports, we deliver:

  • Several report concepts for review, discussion, and iteration
  • Professionally written and edited content that is on-brand, on-message, and interesting to read
  • Engagingly designed content that conveys key messages and the brand’s personality
  • A polished, professional, and beautiful record of your organization’s annual results

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Our approach
Our Experience Thinking™ process underpins every project we undertake. It recognizes users and stakeholders as critical contributors to the design cycle. The result is powerful insights and intuitive design solutions that meet real users' and customers' needs.
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About Akendi

Akendi is a human experience design firm, leveraging equal parts experience research and creative design excellence. We provide strategic insights and analysis about customer and user behaviour and combine this knowledge with inspired design. The results enable organizations to improve effectiveness, engage users and provide remarkable customer experiences to their audiences.