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Focus FS user experience redesign connects operations and worker safety to save time, save resources and ultimately, save lives.


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Case study overview
Focus FS UX design

The challenge

Focus FS brings digital technology into the industrial sector to minimize risk and gain performance insight. They knew the software could reach new heights of efficiency and engagement. Stakes were high considering the platform needs to work for users in lifesaving situations and preventative measures.

Focus FS UX design

From beginning to end, the team at Akendi guided us through the process. We began by understanding the user experience, collaborated on design approaches, and evolved our whole brand.

Director, Product Management,
Jordan Hopkins

Focus FS UX research
Focus FS UX strategy and design Focus FS UX research and design

Our approach

User research resulting in a journey map uncovered a clear set of user personas who interact with the platform at varying degrees across experience points. We took a deep dive into the activities, context of use, and pain points to surface the opportunities for improvement. Through user interviews, we developed a deeper understanding of the behaviours and motivations that would ultimately inform our design approach.

We followed a collaborative and iterative design process from interaction to the visual design with usability testing validation inserted at early on.

Focus FS interaction design Focus FS wireframe design Focus FS visual ux design Focus FS design style sheet

The redesigned Focus FS platform has a highly streamlined and scalable modular interface bringing relevant details and insights to the forefront without getting in the way of the task flow. The resulting user experience supports people who work in dark spaces, such as mines, as well as typical office environments, creating a sense of calm control. Focus FS continues to seamlessly expand the system with this solid foundation.

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