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Design Thinkers Conference 2015

By Amanda Billark


On November 12 & 13th, Akendi participated in RGD’s 16th annual Design Thinkers Conference, the largest Conference for Visual Design in Canada. Held at The Sony Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto, Akendi team mates from both our...

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Designing user interfaces for emerging technologies

By Seneca Brandi


I recently participated in an open design challenge from NASA to create an application for a wearable device. The challenge called specifically for the design of a smartwatch interface that would support astronauts while living and...

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Designing Good UX Is An Ungrateful Job

By Leo Poll


Recently somebody remarked that he didn’t understand what all the fuss around UX was all about. Surely this was not a professional discipline but you simply use your ‘common sense’ when designing. When asked why there is so much bad UX...

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Akendi Goes to the Movies – James Bond

By Dan Iaboni


  As we gear up for summer blockbusters, I thought it would be fun to take a look at how usability and user testing is represented in the fictional worlds created on the silver screen.  For this initial post of “Akendi Goes to the...

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By Patrick Noonan


The first time in your career that you notice things have changed since you started is a pretty exciting milestone.  In a young industry like UX, this doesn’t take long.  The biggest changes I have noticed have been in the mobile...

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UX Insight: Measure Twice, Cut Once

By Shaun Illingworth


I recently attended a large UX conference – lauded as one of the largest in Canada. It was an enjoyable couple of days with some well-known and soon-to-be well known speakers. The audience was a good mix of client side and consultant...

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Home is Where the Smart(phone) is

By Leo Poll


Would you call a smartphone smart, as in SMART smart? Probably not. Granted, it’s a very capable device with high speed internet, a large screen, more apps than you can use in a lifetime, sensors detecting location, orientation...

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