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UX design

Top 10 UX Blogs of 2017

By Amanda Billark


  To celebrate the new year we've rounded up our top 10 most read blogs of 2017:   The Art of Asking Questions: The quality of the information relies entirely on the quality of the questions we ask.  This article explains...

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Interactive Prototyping with OmniGraffle

By Sanaz Hafezi


I recently completed a project where I had to prototype with a high level of interaction on OmniGraffle. While going through this process, I learned a few tricks which I thought I could share. Plan your Project This point may...

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Empathy in UX

By Tedde van Gelderen


Empathy is a popular term in user experience design nowadays. Many sources recommend that designers need to first empathise with users to create better experiences. And I’d wholeheartedly agree with that. However, what I hear in...

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Collaboration is a team sport

By Yvonne Shek


If there is one topic that stands out in my mind in the last few months, it would be the topic of collaboration. We have been asked to help others collaborate and we ourselves also desire greater collaboration in our work. Why is...

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The Importance Of Surprise & Delight In UX Design

By Athena Herrmann


Is It Possible To Create A Personality For Your Product Interface? While in North Vancouver visiting a client, I noticed something that’s sole purpose is to make pedestrians walking up (or down) the steep hill of Lonsdale Avenue...

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By Leo Poll


There is a direct link between your organization’s revenues and the experience you deliver to your customers and users. More and more companies are aware of this and realize that they need to address their lack of UX expertise. The...

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