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UX Researchers are worth their weight in gold!

By Leo Poll


Does your company have an experience researcher? The answer is probably no but if you had one then she or he would be worth their weight in gold. Employing a good experience researcher will have massive effect on your future revenues...

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The Art of Asking Questions

By Hamilton Hernandez


Surveys, interviews, usability tests and other UX research methods are meant to elicit information to help us clearly understand a user/customer, their needs and their experience when using a service/product; to find the best...

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Empathy in UX

By Tedde van Gelderen


Empathy is a popular term in user experience design nowadays. Many sources recommend that designers need to first empathise with users to create better experiences. And I’d wholeheartedly agree with that. However, what I hear in...

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The Power of Three

By Dan Iaboni


Is three the magic number? Culturally, and historically, the number three is very significant. In Christianity there is the Holy Trinity, and in Hinduism, there is the Trimurti. In Chinese, the word for three is considered lucky...

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Exploring the Design Principle of Hope

By Cindy Beggs


This is a time of year when I have extra and renewed hope.  It’s a very happy time for me and my family where we share a sense of hopefulness and cheer. I know we’re among the very fortunate to have this hope along with a holiday to...

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Trust Me, Visual Design Matters

By Siobhan Kennedy


A look at how sharing-economy giants, Uber and Airbnb, differ in their approach to garnering trust through messaging and visual design. We’re hearing it in the news more and more, the sharing economy is growing and despite consistent...

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Strategy – Can a product have a vision and mission?

By Cindy Beggs


If you look around at product design processes, you find out that there are almost as many as there are products.  While some differ simply in terms of the order of the activities or stages in the product design process, others hardly...

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GO Train – An Experience Review

By Lisa Min


I’ve recently relocated outside of the Greater Toronto Area and find myself commuting into Toronto on the GO Train quite frequently. In the early days, when I was first learning how the whole system works, I made my fair share of...

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Making Things Un-Usable (For Some)

By Michelle Brown


At the hospital where Dr. Henri J. Breault worked in Windsor, Canada, a parent rushing in with a poisoned child was a daily occurrence. Medical teams would hurry to pump the child’s stomach before it was too late, but they didn’t always...

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3 Books Every User Researcher Should Read

By Lisa Min


Before the beginning of every summer, I like to research and choose my summer reading list.  I try to balance my list with fiction and non-fiction books, alternating as I read on.  So with about a month left of sunny skies and warm...

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Improve Desirability: Improve your Experience

By Michelle Brown


As I fought to run away from a sudden hoard of attackers before they killed me, I accidentally pulled out my cell phone holding it up so that it completely blocked my vision with a map of the town. I continued to run blindly into the...

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