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Beware of UX Charlatans

By Michelle Brown


The television faith healers of the digital era. The Rise of the Charlatans A lot of companies are becoming more familiar with the terms “UX”, “User Experience”, and “Usability”, and this is great! There’s a growing community of...

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Is Pretty Food Good Food?

By Maya Levin


A few months ago, a colleague of mine told me Uber was going to start a delivery service: UberEats. We were excited. As soon as the app became available in Ottawa, we placed our first order for our Akendi Friday Lunch. We browsed the...

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Auto-fill Your Taxes [Review]

By Michelle Brown


After having a miserable go at taxes last year, I vowed to make this the best year yet. I had heard about a new feature called “auto-fill my taxes”. So I signed up for an online account with the CRA. The Setup  The most...

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Beware of UX Shingles

By Shaun Illingworth


Being a “UX consultant” is a big deal these days. More and more, companies are (finally, sigh!) looking to improve their customer experience in hope of gaining or retaining customers.  For many this means redesigning their website or...

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GO Train – An Experience Review

By Lisa Min


I’ve recently relocated outside of the Greater Toronto Area and find myself commuting into Toronto on the GO Train quite frequently. In the early days, when I was first learning how the whole system works, I made my fair share of...

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Making Things Un-Usable (For Some)

By Michelle Brown


At the hospital where Dr. Henri J. Breault worked in Windsor, Canada, a parent rushing in with a poisoned child was a daily occurrence. Medical teams would hurry to pump the child’s stomach before it was too late, but they didn’t always...

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How to Avoid Disaster and Save Lives

By Michelle Brown


On April 26, 1986 a sudden explosion lit up the night at a local power plant. The operators were ill equipped and unprepared for the situation that they now had to contain. They spent the next few hours in confusion running around...

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User Experience is a Team Sport

By Dominira Saul


At Akendi we offer training courses that lead to certifications in UX research and UX design.  Of the hundreds of people that have taken our courses, I have personally encountered a significant number who are the only UX resource in...

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