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User Centred Design

Trust Me, Visual Design Matters

By Siobhan Kennedy


A look at how sharing-economy giants, Uber and Airbnb, differ in their approach to garnering trust through messaging and visual design. We’re hearing it in the news more and more, the sharing economy is growing and despite consistent...

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What’s your sign? Designing for the experienced user.

By Janet Bewell


Have you ever faced this signage dilemma?  Amazing, isn’t it?  I know which way to turn for everyone else’s room but my own.* And yet, strangely, I have actually had this happen to be more than once.  Am I missing something?  Or am I...

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GO Train – An Experience Review

By Lisa Min


I’ve recently relocated outside of the Greater Toronto Area and find myself commuting into Toronto on the GO Train quite frequently. In the early days, when I was first learning how the whole system works, I made my fair share of...

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Drop-downs, Radio buttons, Checkboxes… Oh My!

By Fatima Kanji


When creating forms, interaction designers are often faced with having to select a Graphical User Interface (GUI) element that dictates the interaction of option selection.  Of course, we all have rules of thumb that we follow but often...

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Smart Watch Design Heuristics

By Seneca Brandi


Interaction design can be a delicate balancing act between meeting the needs of the user and wrestling with the limitations of the technology you’re designing for.  This contrast is never more evident than when designing and developing...

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Design Will Save the World

By Dominira Saul


In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of the BBC, Kanye West said that he believes that the world can only be saved through design. “I believe that the world can only be saved through design. And when I say through design, I know some...

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The Perils of Choice (and how to avoid them)

By Michelle Brown


One Saturday in an upscale supermarket in California, shoppers were greeted with an extraordinary display of 24 types of jam to sample and buy. These exotic jams ranged from peach to kiwi and shoppers flocked to the display to sample...

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The Impact of Pinterest on Design

By Lisa Min


It’s been over five years since the launch of the addictive photo sharing website, Pinterest. And the impact that it has had on visual and interaction design continues to live on today. Over the last few years we’ve seen a significant...

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How to Perfectly Orchestrate Your Website Style Guide

By Siobhan Kennedy


After recently completing an extensive website style guide for a client, we were reminded just how much this document reflects the orchestral nature of web design. Like performers with their instruments, all of the design elements have...

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Innovation Techniques in Disguise: Hooked book review

By Lisa Min


As we know, successful product innovation is something that all product managers strive for.  And there are plenty of resources out there that provide various tips and tricks on how to achieve product innovation success. Well, I’ll let...

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The Importance of Experience Thinking

By Tedde van Gelderen


As an advocate of Experience Thinking, a framework that among other elements introduces the human as a stakeholder throughout the development of a product or service, I am often engaged in conversation around what is exactly Experience...

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