Why UberEATS Is Ruining the Restaurant Experience

By Dan Iaboni


Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, we would get dinner delivered every couple of weeks when my parents were too tired or busy to cook.  In those days the dinner options were limited. You either ordered Chinese, or pizza.  Now, thanks...

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Innovation? Fast follow that Uber taxi instead!

By Leo Poll


It has finally happened. Uber made it to Cambridge. Some, like myself, were looking forward to this. Others like Cambridge’s taxi firms, cannot have been, but the arrival of Uber in Cambridge cannot have been a surprise to established...

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How do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

By Amanda Billark


On February 2nd, popular ride sharing app Uber surprised everyone by unveiling their new brand. For a company who’s well known for controversy, the unveiling of their rebrand was no different, causing waves throughout the design and...

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Trust Me, Visual Design Matters

By Siobhan Kennedy


A look at how sharing-economy giants, Uber and Airbnb, differ in their approach to garnering trust through messaging and visual design. We’re hearing it in the news more and more, the sharing economy is growing and despite consistent...

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