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Is Pretty Food Good Food?

By Maya Levin


A few months ago, a colleague of mine told me Uber was going to start a delivery service: UberEats. We were excited. As soon as the app became available in Ottawa, we placed our first order for our Akendi Friday Lunch. We browsed the...

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By Patrick Noonan


The first time in your career that you notice things have changed since you started is a pretty exciting milestone.  In a young industry like UX, this doesn’t take long.  The biggest changes I have noticed have been in the mobile...

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Less is more… if you collaborate

By Leo Poll


The smart phone is an octopus in a box. It is a calculator, web browser, instant messaging device, social hub, spirit level, star map, sat nav and more in a handy single mobile package. In addition, you can also still make phone...

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APP-y Holidays

By Janet Bewell


Last year 1.76 billion apps were downloaded between December 25 and December 31st.  This is an increase of 65% from the week prior.[1]   One can only imagine what the numbers will be this year.  But what is everyone downloading? ...

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