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lab usability testing

Seeing is not always believing.

By Leo Poll


We have 5 senses (some people claim they have six) and you cannot trust any of them. Cognitive psychologists studying exteroception try to make sense of how we make sense of our senses. The results of some of the experiments conducted...

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Making the natural ‘natural’?

By Janet Bewell


Should you test in-person or remotely? What to choose when there are so many options? If the question was simply about the quality of the test session, I would say in-person, hands down. Just think about the difference between a Skype...

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Lab based, Remote and Unmoderated Usability Testing

By Tedde van Gelderen


What is the best approach for usability testing? At the moment, there are three main options for conducting usability test research studies: lab based, moderated remote sessions and unmoderated remote sessions. Lab based Usability...

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