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interaction design

It is not child’s play

By Foong Ling Chen


Last Fall, while I was in San Francisco, my friends and I made a stop in Menlo Park. We went to see an exhibition designed by teamLab, a collaborative group of artists specializing in digital experimentation. We unanimously agreed that...

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Foresta Lumina: Magic Done Better Than Disney

By Foong Ling Chen


“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” – Jared Spool   But what about extraordinary design; design so enchanting you cannot ignore it? Generally when user...

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The Power of Three

By Dan Iaboni


Is three the magic number? Culturally, and historically, the number three is very significant. In Christianity there is the Holy Trinity, and in Hinduism, there is the Trimurti. In Chinese, the word for three is considered lucky...

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By Leo Poll


There is a direct link between your organization’s revenues and the experience you deliver to your customers and users. More and more companies are aware of this and realize that they need to address their lack of UX expertise. The...

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Exploring the Design Principle of Hope

By Cindy Beggs


This is a time of year when I have extra and renewed hope.  It’s a very happy time for me and my family where we share a sense of hopefulness and cheer. I know we’re among the very fortunate to have this hope along with a holiday to...

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By Jen Hennings


So being a bit of an (massive) Apple fan-girl, I was unbelievably excited when the new iPad Pro arrived in our office at the end of last week. There’s something about that simple white box and imagery that just calls to you and tells...

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Drop-downs, Radio buttons, Checkboxes… Oh My!

By Fatima Kanji


When creating forms, interaction designers are often faced with having to select a Graphical User Interface (GUI) element that dictates the interaction of option selection.  Of course, we all have rules of thumb that we follow but often...

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3 Books Every User Researcher Should Read

By Lisa Min


Before the beginning of every summer, I like to research and choose my summer reading list.  I try to balance my list with fiction and non-fiction books, alternating as I read on.  So with about a month left of sunny skies and warm...

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Smart Watch Design Heuristics

By Seneca Brandi


Interaction design can be a delicate balancing act between meeting the needs of the user and wrestling with the limitations of the technology you’re designing for.  This contrast is never more evident than when designing and developing...

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Design Will Save the World

By Dominira Saul


In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of the BBC, Kanye West said that he believes that the world can only be saved through design. “I believe that the world can only be saved through design. And when I say through design, I know some...

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Improve Desirability: Improve your Experience

By Michelle Brown


As I fought to run away from a sudden hoard of attackers before they killed me, I accidentally pulled out my cell phone holding it up so that it completely blocked my vision with a map of the town. I continued to run blindly into the...

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