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Graphic Design

3 Design Trends on the Rise in 2016

By Siobhan Kennedy


There are a few interesting design trends we’re keeping our eyes on this year. With spring fast approaching, this seems like a nice time to step back and examine the visual elements that are gaining popularity in the digital...

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The Impact of Pinterest on Design

By Lisa Min


It’s been over five years since the launch of the addictive photo sharing website, Pinterest. And the impact that it has had on visual and interaction design continues to live on today. Over the last few years we’ve seen a significant...

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How to Perfectly Orchestrate Your Website Style Guide

By Siobhan Kennedy


After recently completing an extensive website style guide for a client, we were reminded just how much this document reflects the orchestral nature of web design. Like performers with their instruments, all of the design elements have...

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By Janet Bewell


With Easter just behind us, I thought I would stick to the “eggspectation” of a holiday themed blog.  As an experience designer, I have to think not only of the variety of potential users of a product or service but also the various...

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