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experience design

An Introduction to Service Design

By Leo Poll


Why is it that we can understand what is happening to materials and technologies at a molecular level, but struggle to understand why someone might buy a product or service? We are complex organisms and people are difficult to...

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Foresta Lumina: Magic Done Better Than Disney

By Foong Ling Chen


“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” – Jared Spool   But what about extraordinary design; design so enchanting you cannot ignore it? Generally when user...

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Difference Between a Design Template and a Page

By Athena Herrmann


  When engaging with a new or potential client, we find there is often confusion about the difference between a template and a page. We believe much of this confusion stems from the fact that there are several different ways to scope...

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Exploring the Design Principle of Hope

By Cindy Beggs


This is a time of year when I have extra and renewed hope.  It’s a very happy time for me and my family where we share a sense of hopefulness and cheer. I know we’re among the very fortunate to have this hope along with a holiday to...

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Is Your Interaction Full of DUST?

By Dan Iaboni


When you are continuously evaluating your product it is easy to keep your product feeling fresh. However, if you are not able to refresh your design on a yearly basis, you need to be more strategic about when to update the design. ...

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Trust Me, Visual Design Matters

By Siobhan Kennedy


A look at how sharing-economy giants, Uber and Airbnb, differ in their approach to garnering trust through messaging and visual design. We’re hearing it in the news more and more, the sharing economy is growing and despite consistent...

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Stop “Improving” My Bathrooms

By Michelle Brown


If the goal of technology is to make our lives easier, then why am I trapped outside of a bathroom by a fancy electronic door lock, unable to enter the password even when I know what it is? The large black screen stares at me in...

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Experience Mapping VS. Task Analysis

By Lisa Min


Experience Mapping is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the UX world.  They are often used to gain a better understanding of the overall customer/user experience across all platforms and touchpoints. Creating an experience map...

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Design Will Save the World

By Dominira Saul


In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of the BBC, Kanye West said that he believes that the world can only be saved through design. “I believe that the world can only be saved through design. And when I say through design, I know some...

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The Perils of Choice (and how to avoid them)

By Michelle Brown


One Saturday in an upscale supermarket in California, shoppers were greeted with an extraordinary display of 24 types of jam to sample and buy. These exotic jams ranged from peach to kiwi and shoppers flocked to the display to sample...

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UX as a Silver Bullet

By Tedde van Gelderen


At some point, in your early career as a UX designer, it happens: you are working on a project with multiple, even many stakeholders that each put in their “2 cents”, their point of view on button labels, screen flows, screen element...

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A Digital Life for Physical Objects

By Leo Poll


"Whatever happened to RFID?" somebody asked me recently. Interesting question, we had just used our Oyster cards to enter the London Underground. Millions of public transport passengers all over the globe do the same, all without...

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A UX Guide to Walking Down the Street

By Tedde van Gelderen


The other day I got into this typical situation. Walking on the sidewalk, a friendly man comes from the opposite side, it looks like we’re on a collision course, we make quick eye contact to figure out which way the other will go, both...

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