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The Ludicrously Missed Opportunities

By Tedde van Gelderen


Working in UX has taught me one thing: Never underestimate a user’s will to take shortcuts then question why something doesn’t work. So, what makes sense and how can we avoid this? It makes sense to talk to and, most importantly...

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Strategy – Can a product have a vision and mission?

By Cindy Beggs


If you look around at product design processes, you find out that there are almost as many as there are products.  While some differ simply in terms of the order of the activities or stages in the product design process, others hardly...

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The Power of a Good Story

By Michelle Brown


It was a dark and stormy night and Lynn Weston couldn’t figure out how to turn off her computer. She had just gotten a new Windows 8 system and was concerned about it being damaged in the thunderstorm. Ever since she had heard about her...

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Who Is Your Market?

By Janet Bewell


I was recently on a business trip to Qatar for the first time.  I had never been to Qatar, nor did I know anything about its history.  A quick ‘Trip Advisor’ search told me I needed to go to one of the many Souqs (markets) in the area...

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Have solution, need a problem?

By Leo Poll


In a previous blog I wrote about the importance of inventing less and discovering more. This insight driven approach (discovery) is based on the principle that customers/users cannot tell you what they want but they do know what they...

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Invent Less, Discover More!

By Leo Poll


I was intrigued by a story on breakfast radio on how one of the general practitioners practices in the United Kingdom have managed to significantly reduce the number of patient no-shows. The idea is quite simple, patients receive a...

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