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By Jen Hennings


So being a bit of an (massive) Apple fan-girl, I was unbelievably excited when the new iPad Pro arrived in our office at the end of last week. There’s something about that simple white box and imagery that just calls to you and tells...

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Stop “Improving” My Bathrooms

By Michelle Brown


If the goal of technology is to make our lives easier, then why am I trapped outside of a bathroom by a fancy electronic door lock, unable to enter the password even when I know what it is? The large black screen stares at me in...

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Making Things Un-Usable (For Some)

By Michelle Brown


At the hospital where Dr. Henri J. Breault worked in Windsor, Canada, a parent rushing in with a poisoned child was a daily occurrence. Medical teams would hurry to pump the child’s stomach before it was too late, but they didn’t always...

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IOT and the Future of Bicycle Security

By Amanda Billark


Like many of my teammates in the Toronto office, I cycle to work almost every day during the warmer months. It is hands-down my favourite way to travel and experience the city. Since my bicycle is my main source of transportation (and I...

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How to Avoid Disaster and Save Lives

By Michelle Brown


On April 26, 1986 a sudden explosion lit up the night at a local power plant. The operators were ill equipped and unprepared for the situation that they now had to contain. They spent the next few hours in confusion running around...

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What Usability Testing Does and Doesn’t Tell You

By Tedde van Gelderen


We at Akendi are increasingly asked to conduct usability tests with digital products in the later stages of product development. This means we come in to test at the stage where the wireframes are already worked out and the client is...

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