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UX Process

The Big Friendly Giant of UX

By Maya Levin


  You have a BIG project with lots of problems to analyse and solve. Your nerves are buzzing and you need someplace or something reassuring and friendly. Your computer is too time-consuming and paper is too restrictive. You don’t...

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Creating a Space for Design Thinkers, Part 3

By Maya Levin


Nothing gets work done like a good, solid deadline. Menial tasks tend to get left aside, and sometimes, large projects get postponed due to their daunting and stressful nature. The Akendi Ottawa office move was no different. We...

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The Art of Asking Questions

By Hamilton Hernandez


Surveys, interviews, usability tests and other UX research methods are meant to elicit information to help us clearly understand a user/customer, their needs and their experience when using a service/product; to find the best...

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Closing Communication & Workflow Gaps with Technology

By Cindy Beggs


The original title I was going to give this post was:  “Better Communication or More Tools?  Pick One.”  I chose the other title because I think it’s less flippant and often when gaps in communication and workflow are addressed with...

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The Importance of Experience Thinking

By Tedde van Gelderen


As an advocate of Experience Thinking, a framework that among other elements introduces the human as a stakeholder throughout the development of a product or service, I am often engaged in conversation around what is exactly Experience...

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