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Don’t let the old stop the new!

By Leo Poll


A little while ago Michelle wrote on this blog how bad usability nearly turned her to crime and I am sure she is not alone. However, good insight-driven UX can also prevent crime. Take music streaming. I don’t know whether you have...

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Innovation? Fast follow that Uber taxi instead!

By Leo Poll


It has finally happened. Uber made it to Cambridge. Some, like myself, were looking forward to this. Others like Cambridge’s taxi firms, cannot have been, but the arrival of Uber in Cambridge cannot have been a surprise to established...

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Grow Up!

By Shaun Illingworth


As someone on the front end of UX projects, I spend a lot of time talking with clients and prospects about their specific project.  I’ve grown into this role because I really do enjoy meeting new people, hearing about new technology and...

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The Internet of Things – Who Cares?

By Leo Poll


I have always found the term, the "Internet-of-Things" a bit of a misnomer. What does it actually mean? Are things going on the internet and if so why? What is the counterpart of this term? The "Internet-of-People"? Surely IoT is just...

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The Experience of Unsubscribing

By Amanda Billark


I don’t know about you, but I’m always finding my inbox crammed with email newsletters I don’t remember signing up for. A lot of times it’s from stores I’ve shopped at or websites I’ve used to make travel arrangements where I've given...

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Apple: Two terrible and two brilliant design decisions

By Michelle Brown


Apple is often hailed as the gold standard for user design. There are a couple of things that they have done very well and then there’s a few really terrible decisions they have made. Let’s start with the good, because there are a...

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Interactive experience: The new TV paradigm

By Dominira Saul


For those of us that aren’t completely cynical about the Olympic movement, the Olympic games in Rio represented a celebration of the best athletes in the world.  I was particularly excited about these Olympics because I was honoured to...

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Auto-fill Your Taxes [Review]

By Michelle Brown


After having a miserable go at taxes last year, I vowed to make this the best year yet. I had heard about a new feature called “auto-fill my taxes”. So I signed up for an online account with the CRA. The Setup  The most...

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The Dark Side of UX

By Leo Poll


Does UX have the power to manipulate and deceive? It does. And we must use our powers for good. Let me explain… I recently was the victim of a dark user experience designed to scam. This went as follows: As a Dutchman, I travel...

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Making the Move Into UX

By Foong Ling Chen


Finding the right career is no small feat. From a design background perspective, I’ll talk about the things I felt were important to keep in mind when looking for the right job. This blog post is inspired by someone who had...

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A Brief Look Into the History of Landing Page Design

By Lisa Min


If you’ve never had a chance to look back through internet archives, I would highly recommend you do.  It’s a fascinating look into the history of digital design and it’s interesting to look at the various trends that occur across...

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Why UX makes you “that” annoying friend

By Jen Hennings


There are just certain aspects of British culture that you just don’t question. Things like the proper way to make a cup of tea, that fish and chips tastes better on a beach, the inevitable silence and lack of conversation on the...

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Automated Phone Systems

By Michelle Brown


Automated phone systems, everyone hates them, everyone has to use them. These systems force callers through an excruciating menu system only to leave them on hold forever waiting to hopefully talk to a human before their call is...

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Is Your Interaction Full of DUST?

By Dan Iaboni


When you are continuously evaluating your product it is easy to keep your product feeling fresh. However, if you are not able to refresh your design on a yearly basis, you need to be more strategic about when to update the design. ...

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Who Are You and What is Your Story?

By Jessica Murray


Every website should tell a story in some form or another. Its design should reflect who you are and what you want to tell your users. Your story can be very literal or metaphorical, it all depends on what you have to say. People...

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