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Project Management

Beware of UX Charlatans

By Michelle Brown


The television faith healers of the digital era. The Rise of the Charlatans A lot of companies are becoming more familiar with the terms “UX”, “User Experience”, and “Usability”, and this is great! There’s a growing community of...

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Collaboration is a team sport

By Yvonne Shek


If there is one topic that stands out in my mind in the last few months, it would be the topic of collaboration. We have been asked to help others collaborate and we ourselves also desire greater collaboration in our work. Why is...

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How to Create a Space for Design Thinkers, Part II

By Maya Levin


In my last blog post, I talked about creating an interior space through the lens of User Experience Design (UXD). This perspective introduced the concepts of budget, circulation, and communication that would affect Akendi Ottawa’s...

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Four Different UX Client Types: Recognize Them?

By Tedde van Gelderen


I’m going to talk about our clients; the clients who pay for our work, for whom we love to go out of our way to make happy. I’d like to talk about how these clients behave towards us before, during and after our work is complete and...

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It’s True: Users Don’t Know What They Want

By Lisa Min


Users don’t know what they want; this is a fact of user research. Of course, it would be great to be able to ask users “How would you design this?” or “Where would you place this call to action?” or “What do you want to see in this...

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Project Management Through A Design Lens

By Jessica Ringel


You’re An Experience Architect Developing Wireframes For A New Website. Where Do You Begin?  First, you review the project plan and take note of some key scope points: 30 wireframes Three rounds of revisions Visual design...

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The Ludicrously Missed Opportunities

By Tedde van Gelderen


Working in UX has taught me one thing: Never underestimate a user’s will to take shortcuts then question why something doesn’t work. So, what makes sense and how can we avoid this? It makes sense to talk to and, most importantly...

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