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Interaction Design

Top 10 UX Blogs of 2017

By Amanda Billark


  To celebrate the new year we've rounded up our top 10 most read blogs of 2017:   The Art of Asking Questions: The quality of the information relies entirely on the quality of the questions we ask.  This article explains...

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Interactive Prototyping with OmniGraffle

By Sanaz Hafezi


I recently completed a project where I had to prototype with a high level of interaction on OmniGraffle. While going through this process, I learned a few tricks which I thought I could share. Plan your Project This point may...

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Are Luxury Features Always Better?

By Sanaz Hafezi


I started my morning just like any other; I woke up, did my morning routine, and had quality family bonding time discussing the topic of German luxury cars at the breakfast table. As my family was swooning over the styling and...

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It is not child’s play

By Foong Ling Chen


Last Fall, while I was in San Francisco, my friends and I made a stop in Menlo Park. We went to see an exhibition designed by teamLab, a collaborative group of artists specializing in digital experimentation. We unanimously agreed that...

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Thoughts on the 2016 Design Thinkers Conference

By Siobhan Kennedy


I have a confession to make… the 2016 Design Thinkers Conference was filled with inspiring talks but the “Confessions” theme didn’t quite resonate with what I was hearing. I have an alternate theme to suggest.   Last week, our...

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Apple: Two terrible and two brilliant design decisions

By Michelle Brown


Apple is often hailed as the gold standard for user design. There are a couple of things that they have done very well and then there’s a few really terrible decisions they have made. Let’s start with the good, because there are a...

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It’s True: Users Don’t Know What They Want

By Lisa Min


Users don’t know what they want; this is a fact of user research. Of course, it would be great to be able to ask users “How would you design this?” or “Where would you place this call to action?” or “What do you want to see in this...

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The Importance Of Surprise & Delight In UX Design

By Athena Herrmann


Is It Possible To Create A Personality For Your Product Interface? While in North Vancouver visiting a client, I noticed something that’s sole purpose is to make pedestrians walking up (or down) the steep hill of Lonsdale Avenue...

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Common Sense – Is Not That Common

By Andrew Stewart


Why The Line “Of Course, It’s Common Sense To Design It That Way,” Is High Praise Indeed At some point in your career you will present a design that you know is praise-worthy. You’ll have worked hard sorting out all the UX...

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Foresta Lumina: Magic Done Better Than Disney

By Foong Ling Chen


“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” – Jared Spool   But what about extraordinary design; design so enchanting you cannot ignore it? Generally when user...

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