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Experience Mapping

Why Experience Mapping is Critical, And Where To Start

By Dan Iaboni


Key decisions in the experience mapping process. I’m no cartophile, but I love maps. Part of my graduate studies was spent exploring the history of maps, how they are created and how they are used. That’s why it’s exciting to see...

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Journey Mapping My Commute to Work

By Amanda Billark


An Authentically Torontonian Example of Journey Mapping Last week, I participated in ‘Experience Mapping’, a course offered as part of Akendi’s UX Training and Certification program. The course covered the theory, principles and...

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User Experience is a Team Sport

By Dominira Saul


At Akendi we offer training courses that lead to certifications in UX research and UX design.  Of the hundreds of people that have taken our courses, I have personally encountered a significant number who are the only UX resource in...

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