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Janet Bewell
Janet Bewell

Akendi Alumnus

APP-y Holidays

Last year 1.76 billion apps were downloaded between December 25 and December 31st.  This is an increase of 65% from the week prior.[1]   One can only imagine what the numbers will be this year.  But what is everyone downloading?

Since it is that time of year again, I feel it appropriate to present you with a selection of holiday-themed apps (no pun intended) that you might’ve wished you downloaded.  Can you tell the real from the fake?

Diamonds from Coal

An augmented reality app to express what you really wanted to give as a present…but didn’t.

Tinder – Holiday Edition

Upset with putting lots of effort into your loved one’s gift but never receiving a thoughtful gift in return?  Exchange your partner for an upgraded model with the new ‘Tinder holiday edition’.  Take a photo of you and the present you’d give and then scan through other disgruntled partners’ offerings.  Swipe to the right to match with the perfect gift/partner for better Christmas’s to come.


Track your daily goals and progress over time for steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and more”…during the most indulgent time of the year.  Yay!

Emotional Intelligence

How well do you read other people? …so you meet your partner’s parents for the first time and you really want to impress them with what gift you give their daughter/son.  You think long and hard and decide to give them (insert your best/worst idea). Do they like your present?  Are they angry?  Confused.  Saddened.  Surprised.  Pained.  Disgusted. Embarrassed.  Compassionate?  Stop guessing! Snap a pic of their expression and let our app do the work.

Insta-douche Jar

How many close ups of ribbons and bulbs do we need to see on Instagram?  Tell your friends, “enough is enough!” by making them contribute to the Insta-douche jar every time you see a Lo-Fi photo of tinsel or the likes.  All proceeds will go to charity.

Reindeer Cam

Sure, you could have geo-located the various routes the reindeers took to get to your house.  But that’s too practical.  Isn’t it more fun to see what these crazy ‘deers get up to after Christmas?  I mean they only work one day of the year!  I wonder what do they are doing for New Years?

Waiting for Something Better

How many New Years Eve invitations have you received so far?  How did you respond?  Because it isn’t appropriate to say “sure…unless something better comes along” we made an app!  We have excuses for every type of invitation so you never have to commit and feel bad about it.…

Has your last few New Year’s Eve’s consisted of everyone getting excited for the count down only to pull out your phones and text your friends that aren’t there when you get down to number 1?  Get off your phone and hug those that decided to share that night with you.  We’ve got you covered with  We will not only send sentimental messages to your friends but also cover those international friends of yours.  Happy New Years. Bonne année.  Feliz Ano Novo.  Gelukkig nieuwjaar.  Buon anno.

Insert Name

What would you have liked to have downloaded this year?  Add your comments below.

Happy Holidays!


[1] Farago, Peter.  (2013, January 02).  Holiday 2012 Delivers Historical Worldwide App Downloads [Web log post].″ is the fake app

Janet Bewell
Janet Bewell

Akendi Alumnus

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